Club Vernon

Club Vernon is situated in Mini V Pre School and Vernon Primary School. Drop off and collection will be at the Mini V gate with children accessing different areas dependent on their age.

We are open from 7.30 for Club Vernon. Breakfast will be provided for all children. The children for Afterschool Club Vernon will be collected from school and brought to Mini V for snacks. The Club will be open until 6 o’clock. Again the collection will be from the Mini V gate. This is a secure gate which also has a bell which parents can use if necessary. There will be constant access to the enclosed play areas, as well as the field and playground once the parents collecting from Vernon school have left.

At Breakfast Club Vernon there will be a selection of cereals, crumpets, toast and spreads, fresh fruit and milk and water. At Afternoon Club Vernon there will be a variety each day, including pizza, pasta, pitta bread, rolls, fresh fruit, sandwiches, crackers and cheeses, French stick, pancakes, waffles and milk and water. However we will be open to any suggestions or reasonable requests that you or the children make.

We aim to have a variety of activities suitable for all ages, but once again we will be open to suggestions from the children about what they think would be good to have once they start.

The Breakfast Club will costs £8.50 with the Afternoon Club is £16.95.

If you would like to book a place please request a Registration form. We would need this to be returned before your child could start with us.

If you have any further questions then please get in touch.

Hazel Stock
Telephone: 07907 103 939
Instagram:  club.vernon