Ofsted Report

Ofsted Report

We are extremely proud to have been classified as an Outstanding Provider since our first inspection in 2012. Most recently in 2019, under the new Education Inspection Framework, we have reaffirmed our status as one of the leading education providers in the country.

Mini V is graded outstanding in:

– Quality of Education
– Behaviour & Attitudes
– Personal Development
– Leadership & Management

The Inspector said that the children flourish in this exciting and inspiring Pre-School. The staff have extremely high expectations for the children and focus on what they need to learn next.

Here is a section of our OUTSTANDING Ofsted Report:

The provision is outstanding.

Children flourish in this exciting and inspiring pre-school. The curriculum is planned meticulously and is precisely sequenced to build on children’s prior skills and capabilities. Staff have extremely high expectations for children. They focus on what individual children need to learn next. For example, the current theme of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ is based on children’s initial interest in the traditional tale.

This story is interwoven throughout all activities. Children’s curiosity is ignited as they spot strategically placed wolf paw prints on arrival. Older children carefully use pens to write the simple words ‘pig’ and ‘pen’. They use their phonetic knowledge to write words in ways that match the spoken sounds. Younger children develop small finger muscles and manipulate pink-coloured dough to make pig sculptures. This helps to strengthen their grip ready for early writing. Children coherently talk about position. They use materials including straw, sticks and bricks to create houses and sequence them into the ‘first, second and third piggy’s house’.

Children are extremely articulate in their conversations. They use rich and complex language, in relation to their age. For example, three-year-old children confidently declare ‘the big bad wolf has injuries’. Younger children explain that another storybook character is wearing a ‘bow tie’ and at lunchtime children talk about food, including ‘chicken satay’.

Children arrive in high spirits and their laughter and chatter is heard throughout the environment. They play harmoniously and have a delightful time together. Children’s social skills and behaviour are impeccable. For example, they regulate their own behaviour and that of their peers. They confidently take on additional responsibilities and support staff with the effective running of the pre-school as they take on the role of ‘special helper’.

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